We are actively booking shows for 2022 - watch this space for more...

April 16th Alberts Shed, Telford - Supporting The Endings, with Jess Silk.

April 21st Drummonds, Worcester - Supporting Black Water County

April 30th Bar 7, Upon on Severn Folk Festival, Upton on Severn

June 18th Gillow Festival, Gillow Manor, HR2 8LE WWW.GILLOWFESTIVAL.CO.UK

July 30th Pirate Rum Festival, Hobbit pub, Southampton

August 12th Lakefest - Cocktail tent. Midnight. https://lakefest.co.uk

September 18th Worcester Music Festival, Marrs Bars, Worcester

October 15th The White Bear, Tewkesbury

October 22nd 45Live, Kidderminster https://www.45live.co.uk/gigs

October 29th Ragged Bear Festival, Nuneaton https://en-gb.facebook.com/raggedbearfestival/

December 10th Private Party