Whipjacks self titled EP - Review from Slap Magazine

posted 30 Dec 2016, 00:14 by Dean Miles

A sherbert sweet EP of folk stylings from established clattery noise-niks, The Whipjacks. 

Kicking off with punchy opener ‘Campfire Song’ with an evolving sweet mandolin motif there is a dynamic restraint evident here that is understated throughout. When the mandolin becomes freewheeling on the chorus it’s positively joyous and jugband in feel.
‘Campfire’ is replete with a scuzzy fuzz interlude that repeats drenched in off-kilter, unhinged Chuck Berry double stops. 

Next up we have sea shanty ballad 'My Madness', with its insistent churning rhythm and accordion intro. It is easily my favourite here as the story unfolds the jig-like lead guitar increasingly coils around each successive musical break, strangling tighter with all the ferocity and conviction of a world weary Copperhead snake on the prowl, side-winding across the dessert floor!

The closing track 'Scoundrels & Rogues' brings to mind The Descendents unplugged, plus the mission statement and intent of the Whipjacks is here for all to hear: “Our edges may be rough/ But give us half a chance and you’ll see you have got us wrong/ cuz we’re whipjacks thank you we’re having fun”. The handy “Radio Edit” included ensures the poppiest offering here can get an airing without the.. ah’ swearing. Nice work! 

- Cragz Baritone