The Whipjacks - Scoundrels and Rogues - Video - Slap Magazine

posted 30 Dec 2016, 00:20 by Dean Miles

"We're The Whipjacks and we're just having fun" might only be one of the lyrics in The Whipjacks' 'Scoundrels and Rogues' but it’s a line that pretty much puts the band and their song into perspective.
With wild guitars, gutsy vocals and carefree spirit to match, it's a track that'll whip up a storm of funlovers, freedomseekers and fire - breathers . 
There's going to be no stopping these guys as they join the new surgance of free-spirited country artists, joining the likes of Skinny Lister with their unstoppable force. 
The video to the track lives up to the song's mood too, showing the band playing one of their high-energy sets in between The Whipjacks just having fun. 

- Emily Branson